Natural reserve Zillertal Alps

Welcome to the natural reserve Zillertal Alps!

natural reserve areas are protected  areas for nature and culture. Here humans and animals must work very well together in order to have a proper living. Our goal has to be: protect the environment and the undoubtable famous landscape – use it in a fair way and protect it!
We are hotel partner of the natural reserve and like to bring these thoughts of protection closer to you.

Recreation, tourism, as well as environment and regional development are the most important cornerstones for us.

Its your turn!

Protecting the environment, the nature, for us its not only a word without following action. It is about you!
Visitors of the natural reserve are asked to take a closer look and are motivated, to help and protect themselves. View our exhibitions, let the natural reserve guides give you information and secrets  – shortly, be noisy!

Be part of the natural reserve, a landscape which should be preserved for the upcoming generations.

Exlpore the natural reserve

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