Cycling with mountainbike and e-bike

Cycling is healthy! Strong pedaling, with every kick a step closer to the summit. Up there – enjoy the view and then back with drive down the valley. This is cycling like in Tux!

Whether you prefer gentle mountain pastures or up to the top – you will find your best cycling route during your stay. Various trips are waiting to be discovered by you and your bike!

Cycling from easy to hard: a bike ride for every mood!

Beginners’ route: Finkenberg – Hintertux – Bichlalm
Overcome 870 altitude metres on this mountain bike route. This trail is particularly suited for beginners and families, 16.7 km long with a total riding time of around 2.5 hours. Part of the route leads across the state road, which is why good fitness is important here. You’re rewarded with the impressive panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Description: Start in the Finkenberg village centre and take the tarmacked L6, Tuxer Landesstrasse, with its many bends and an easy ascent to Hintertux. Then ride on a well-developed gravel road to the snack station Bichlalm with regional delicacies for bikers. Beginners´route: Category: easy Number: 426 Length: 16,7 km Duration: 2,5 h Altitude metres: 870m
Amateurroute: Hintertux-Bichlalm-Tuxer Joch
This route also features 850 altitude metres and alternating gravel and tarmacked roads. Ride high: your destination is at 2.310 m above sea level. Description: The perfect tour for active couples to wear themselves out together amidst the impressive Tuxertal valley nature. While it is pretty steep at the top, this impressive tour leads you to one of the most beautiful vantage points of the entire Tuxertal valley. Enjoy marvellous views throughout the ride. A good gravel road leads from Hintertux to the snack station Bichlalm, then into the valley crossing Weitentalbach and ascending to the Sommerbergalm. From here you will reach the Tuxerjochhaus where you can enjoy the gorgeous view. Amateur route: Category: Intermediate Number: 426 Length: 9,1 km Duration: 1,25 h Altitude metres: 850 m
From Amateur to Professional: Tux-Vorderlanersbach - Geiselhöfe - Geiseljoch
This route doesn’t just feature tarmac and gravel, but also a 0.6 km single trail for mountain bikers! Arrive at an altitude of 2,290 m after a two-hour ride on the 12.3 km route. Description: Start your tour pedalling in the village centre of Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Several turns follow leading past the traditional and charming old farms (Weiler Schöneben) in Tux. The route runs uphill to Hobalm, which is where the old gravel path starts, on which you now ride uphill through idyllic alpine territory to the Geiseljoch. The challenging part of the route starts now, straining your muscles until the end. Turn off onto the hiking trail for the last 100 m of the tour and you’ve reached your destination. Experience the imposing view of the southern mountain chains of the Inntal on one side and the impressive far view of the Tuxertal valley on the other while you’re on the Geiseljoch mountain pass. Amateur/pro route: Category: intermediate to difficult Number: 424 Length: 12,3 km Duration: 2 h Altitude metres: 1.060 m
Expert route: Finkenberg - Penkenjoch - Wanglalm - Tux-Vorderlanersbach
Pros get their money’s worth here: perfect fitness is a precondition for tackling these 2,255 altitude metres. The difficult mountain bike route from Finkenberg across Penkenjoch takes around 4 hours and is 24.2 km long. Road conditions: tarmac and gravel. Description: Start in the Finkenberg district of Persal and turn right onto the tarmacked mountain road heading towards Stein. From there you will enjoy an easy cycle ride to Astegg. A well-developed forest road leads past Gasthof Gschösswand through numerous horseshoe bends to the mountain station of the Penkenbahn mountain railway. From here you can enjoy the gentle climb into the valley through idyllic stone pine woods breathing in the pleasant small of stone pine wood. The trail leads westwards to the Penkenjoch. Take a right turn here to Wanglalm. Experience the region’s traditional on the site of the former magnesite mine during your bike tour. The final stage to the destination of your cycling tour is so close you can almost touch it – Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Expert route: Category: difficult Number: 437,422 Length: 24,2 km Duration: 4 h Altitude metres: 2.255 m